Shock Absorbent Headgear Gold

Shock Absorbent Headgear Gold


Shock absorbent Headgear made from Cowhide Leather and provided with Adjustable strap and buckle and EVA Padding for Ultimate Protection.

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The first and foremost reason for buying boxing gear is to protect yourself from any kind of fatal injury. Although defense in an important part of the training but some punches will inevitably get through. So, you need a headgear that fits properly and performs to the best of its ability to keep you protected.

Boxing Black Belt, bring you the best Shock Absorbent headgear online. We keep in mind all the important aspects that help to make perfect and dutiful headgears.


The first thing you look for is adjustability. You want a headgear that you can adjust to fit your head for a custom fit. Our headgears have Adjustable strap and buckle which makes adjust-ability in the chin area, the area on the top of the head, and at the back of the head possible, that gives a nice personalized grip.


The sole purpose of using a boxing headgear is to provide proper protection against possible hits. For this purpose, we have used EVA Padding that covers the cheek area and the forehead area preventing you from receiving any fatal injury.


We value your money and we know that you are not only looking for a product that provides extra protection but also wants to invest your money for a long time. Keeping this in mind we have made our head gears using Cowhide leather which is famous for its toughness and long lasting life.

Comfort & Fit:

In order for proper protection, you need a proper placement of your headgear on the cheeks and on the forehead near the orbital socket. Our headgear comes with extra head support which gives you a nice and comfortable fit. Fit your headgear right and it will form a second line of defense on those rear occasions when you forget to duck.

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